Daily Biopsy Diagnosis in Surgical Pathology: Concordance Between Light Microscopy and Whole-Slide Imaging in Real-Life Conditions.

img 2018, American journal of clinical pathology

Villa Irène, Dartigues Peggy

The current challenge for the various digital whole-slide imaging (WSI) systems is to be definitively validated for diagnostic purposes. We designed a concordance study between glass slide and digital slide diagnosis in real-life conditions, coupled with an ergonomic study. Three senior pathologists evaluated, first in glass slides and then in digital slides, 119 biopsy cases, including 749 slides, with 332 H&E saffron stains and 417 additional techniques, mainly immunohistochemistry. All digital slides, including specially stained slides, were interpretable. Concordance between glass slides and digital slides was observed in 87.4% of cases. Minor discordances were observed in 12 (10.1%) cases and major discordances, with therapeutic impact, in three (2.5%), including one related to WSI. The satisfaction of participants was high and increased with time. Our study confirms the feasibility and accuracy of WSI diagnosis, even for cases having multiple samples and requiring special staining techniques, such as immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization.

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