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Mitochondrial peroxiredoxins are essential in regulating the relationship between Drosophila immunity and aging.

2017, Biochimica et biophysica acta (NLD)

Previously, we have shown that flies under-expressing the two mitochondrial peroxiredoxins (Prxs), dPrx3 and dPrx5, display increases in tissue-specific apoptosis and dramatically shortened life span, associated with a redox crisis, manifested as changes in GSH:GSSG and accumulation of protein mixed disulfides. To identify specific pathways...

Novel route for rapid sol-gel synthesis of hydroxyapatite, avoiding ageing and using fast drying with a 50-fold to 200-fold reduction in process time.

2017, Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications (NLD)

We have developed an innovative, rapid sol-gel method of producing hydroxyapatite nanopowders that avoids the conventional lengthy ageing and drying processes (over a week), being 200 times quicker in comparison to conventional aqueous sol-gel preparation, and 50 times quicker than ethanol based sol-gel synthesis. Two different sets of...

Is biological aging accelerated in drug addiction?

2017, Current opinion in behavioral sciences (NLD)

Drug-addiction may trigger early onset of age-related disease, due to drug-induced multi-system toxicity and perilous lifestyle, which remains mostly undetected and untreated. We present the literature on pathophysiological processes that may hasten aging and its relevance to addiction, including: oxidative stress and cellular aging, inflammation...

Different Impact of Essential Hypertension on Structural and Functional Age-Related Vascular Changes.

2017, Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. : 1979) (USA)

We evaluated whether vascular remodeling is present in physiological aging and whether hypertension accelerates the aging process for vascular function and structure. Small arteries from 42 essential hypertensive patients (HT) and 41 normotensive individuals (NT) were dissected after subcutaneous biopsy. Endothelium-dependent vasodilation...

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Public Reports and Chartsb

Connectivity Map for Scientists, Groups and Companies in the Aging area.

Map for Scientists, Groups and Companies in the Aging area.

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Connectivity map based on scientific grants for Top Investigators in the field of Aging.

Map based on scientific grants for Top Investigators in the field of Aging.

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Map of connections of co-authors from one author

Map of connections of co-authors from one author.

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